Vendor Managed Inventory

Inventory Solution Designed for Production Stability

When you partner with American Bolt, we help find ways to streamline your fastener needs. By taking a hands-on role in the active management of items we provide, we can help you significantly reduce inventory & procurement costs while maintaining production stability. Our goal is to provide you the best possible managed inventory experience!

VMI Solution - Layout Featuring Standard Bins & Shelving, All Containing Barcode Label with Stocking Objectives

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Personalized Service

A dedicated VMI Specialist is assigned to each VMI Program.  These specialists are trained to help our customers reduce costs while keeping inventory demands met.

Inventory Optimization

Our data driven approach leads to accurate stocking objectives. Focus is on maintaining adequate levels of inventory while optimizing turns.



VMI programs are designed around each customer and are tailored to their unique requirements. Programs can be as simple as a single stocking area to a complex point-of-use system. Since parts are delivered with our trucks customers won’t be charged for freight.


Storage systems included with each program create visibility to all items being managed. All bins are clearly labeled, sized to optimal space required & are continually mantained. Barcode labels show full description, customer part number, minimum & maximum stock levels, and location of bin.


We use the latest technology in scanning, which eliminates any writing errors and creates an immediate order.


We offer a comprehensive program review annually & usage reporting, provided quarterly. Since each bin receives its own unique tag number, reports can be generated for separate locations throughout a customer’s facility or for their cumulative usage. If needed our reports can be created for any time interval.