Vendor Managed Programs

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce cost. By having American Bolt take a hands on role in the management of the items we provide, we can help reduce your inventory costs. We accomplish this by employing properly trained individuals with modern technology.

    BINS: If your current bins are not adequate, American Bolt can supply them for you. We provide a large selection of sizes and styles, which can be purchased or leased.
    LABELS: We offer a variety of different bar coded labels to meet all your requirements. Labels can show size, description, customer part number, minimum/maximum amounts, and location.
    TECHNOLOGY: We use hand held scanners, which eliminates any writing errors and creates an immediate order.
    INVENTORY: Our goal is to reduce your inventory levels, by analyzing the usage of all the the parts you inventory. We determine the correct amount of turns a year for each part. American Bolt will also inventory, in our facility, a minimum 3 month supply for parts on your VMI program to help avoid outages due to spikes in production.
    REPORTS: We provide customers with a variety of usage reports. Since each bin receives its own unique tag number, reports and be generated for separate locations throughout a customerís facility or for their cumulative usage. Our reports can be created for any time interval.
    FLEXIBLE: Our VMI programs are designed around each customer and are tailored to their unique requirements. Flexible billing schedules can be arranged and since parts are delivered with our trucks customers wonít be charged for freight.

BLANKET ORDERS: Parts will be held in our warehouse and released at predetermined dates or at the customers request. This allows you to lock in at a price based on your annual usage and receive the parts whenever you need them.